Bolton in Bloom

Bolton in Bloom started life in 2010 as a small Committee of residents to co-ordinate the village entry in the Cumbria in Bloom competition, with some success. A “History” of what the Committee has achieved can be viewed here.

In more recent years the Committee has assumed responsibilities for a number of other projects in the village, including:
* Tree planting on the Memorial Field
* Planters around the villages and at road entrances
* Planting bulbs and flowers at various locations
* Compost bins and “bug hotel” on the Memorial Field
* Water Trough cleaning and maintenance
* Stone seat and tree seat on the Memorial Field
* Support for litter picks

Bolton Gardeners.

Before the lock-down the Committee invited interested residents to join an informal gardeners’ forum. The aim was to provide a forum for advice and support of village gardeners. During the lockdown there was a great deal of activity, including plant and seed swaps, identifying plants, advice on gardening problems etc, using the village WhatsApp group, and in December a dedicated Bolton Gardeners WhatsApp group was set up. The forum is open to any village resident, and if you would like to join, contact Mike or Helen Gerrish on and leave your name and mobile phone number.

Update No 1
5th April 2021

Bolton Gardeners. Since the setting-up of the WhatsApp group there has been plenty of activity, with advice being given on gardening queries. The village bus shelter has become the site of plant and seed exchanges.

Snowdrop Planting. The owners of the Old Vicarage kindly allowed us to take some surplus snowdrops from their large stock, and these have been planted in the area next to the compost bins, next to the playground fence. This should make an attractive show next spring.

Hedgehog Watch. Following reports of hedgehogs falling into the troughs and drowning, the existing covering has been extended to a third trough, and a large stone placed on the ledge behind the troughs to prevent the animals going past the third trough. It is unlikely that a hedgehog could climb into any of the other troughs, but we will continue to monitor.

Wild Flower Planting.  We have done more work on the area set aside for a wild flower meadow.   Shelagh purchased 150 yellow rattle plug plants, and several packs of wild flower seeds.   On Friday 16 April Helen, Mike and Shelagh cleared an area of about 15 x 10 metres of grass and weeds.    The following day a working party of all Committee members less Martin, who was having a needle stuck in his arm in Penrith, Pauline English and Dot Bannister, planted all the yellow rattle on the cleared area, and also on the recently planted snowdrop area.    Wild flower seeds were then sown around the yellow rattle plants.  The idea is that the yellow rattle will suppress the regrowth of grass and allow the wild flowers to germinate and grow.   If this is successful we will extend the wild flower area in future years.

Update No 2
14th June 2021

Work on the field. On Saturday 12th June, Helen, Mike and Shelagh cleared the young trees of grass, and planted bluebells under the hedge next to the bug hotel.

New Planters
. Bill Ingham, who looks after the planters by the seat near the post box, has kindly replaced both boxes, as they were showing their age.

Seats in the Pinfold. Following a suggestion by a villager, the possibility of placing a seat, or seats in the Pinfold was discussed by the Parish Council. It was suggested by Cathy Smith, that before spending a significant sum on new seats, the seats on the Memorial Field could be moved to the Pinfold so that we could judge how often they are used. John Hastwell generously gave his time to refurbish the seats, and he and Bill Ingham moved them into the pinfold. If you have used them, or you have a view on their usefulness, please email and let us know what you think.

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