Bolton Gardeners

On February 4th the Bolton Gardeners Forum held an inaugural meeting.  Twenty residents attended and agreed to join the Forum.  Its purpose is to provide mutual support to Bolton residents interested in gardening at any level.   It is not a membership club; the only criteria for joining the Bolton Gardeners Forum is to be interested in gardening and live in Bolton!  There will not, in the first instance, be a subscription.  Bolton Gardeners will meet from time to time, in the Village Hall.  Events, when organised, will be advertised by flyer and on this site.

Sadly Covid-19 has meant that we have been unable to follow up on this initiative.    When it becomes possible to have face to face meetings again we will relaunch the forum.  In the meantime, possible activities include:

Visits to Gardens in the area
Inviting guest speakers
Plant exchanges
Sharing Garden problems
Village garden walkabout

If you would like to join the Forum and are happy to be contacted by email, please email and you will be added to the mailing list.

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